An Ode to All of You, Everywhere

  • Jordy G

Lifeless, you hang

In day and nightfall

Choking out the sun, deafening its call

Whimsically you dance in the light breezy storm

Of a window popped open

You need no alarm

As you wooze and you sway to the light feathered beckon

I’d rather spend one day in your shade than anywhere else a trillion seconds.

For the ones who hold on with such grace

To the steel rail that keeps your world in place

To the tacky watercolour pears and the ones with sun-stained rusty autumn orange tinge hidden in basement lairs

To the velvet red sweeping mahogany floors

To the five dollar transparent Walmart hospital blue that feels like sandpapered doors

An ode to you.

Your perseverance and strength

Until the fat lady sings, if light was Goliath, you’d be David with wings

Your will to hold yourself up to the mightiest force ever known

A display of grandeur, the mightiest one ever shown

You shield me from its blinding beams

Your greatest weakness being your innocent seams

So whether its father or mother or brother or niece

Forever, forever, my curtain

you’ll be..

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