15 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Seinfeld

Seinfeld has established itself as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. With clever writing and a cast of lovable characters, “the show about nothing” has left us with countless unforgettable moments. Remember when Elaine busted out those awkward dance moves? What about when George shouted “I was in the pool”? These are amazing moments that have lived on in popular culture.

But while you might think you know everything about the crew from Apartment 5A, this list will change the way you think about Seinfeld forever. Let’s check out a list of interesting things you might not know!!!

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 1. Jerry had 66 girlfriends during Seinfeld’s nine seasons

Jerry was quite the ladies man during his time in Apartment 5A. Some of his notable romances include Teri Hatcher from Desperate Housewives and Courtney Cox from Friends. What do you think about that, Jerry?

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2. The Hollywood Reporter gave Seinfeld a terrible review

 In 1990, TV critic Richard Hack didn’t like Seinfeld:

 “Seinfeld, which had a trial one-shot last year as The Seinfeld Chronicles, is slated to run for three more weeks on NBC. That should be enough,” said Hack.

Hmm… I wonder if Richard changed his mind since?

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3. Elaine’s crazy dance was almost erased from the script 

 Seinfeld’s producers worried that the her dance in “The Little Kicks,” was so awful that it might prevent Julia Louis-Dreyfus from getting acting jobs in the future. Luckily, it didn’t end her career, and it’s one of the most outrageous Seinfeld moments ever!!!

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4. Frank Constanza is played by Ben Stiller’s real life father

Yes, the Ben Stiller!!! Obviously the funny gene runs in the family, because Jerry Stiller might be even funnier than his famous son. You probably should have known this one though.

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5. Monk’s Café was named after a famous jazz pianist

The coffee shop where Jerry and the gang like to hang out was named after Thelonious Monk. Seinfeld’s creators, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, couldn’t come up with a name, and there just so happened to be a painting of the amazing musician on the wall. We think Mr. Monk would be honoured!!!

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6. Jerry always wears white sneakers to copy a famous athlete

Seinfeld said that he copied the style of Joe Namath, who quarterbacked the New York Jets from 1965-1976. Apparently Broadway Joe was one of the only people wearing white shoes back then.

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But maybe Jerry needed a little bit more fashion advice…

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7. Newman’s line outside of the soup kitchen was improvised

In the famous episode, “The Soup Nazi,” Jerry’s biggest enemy added a bit of comic genius. Newman was supposed to just look into the bag and say, “Jambalaya,” but instead actor Wayne Knight sniffed the bag and wiggled off-screen. The result was comedy gold.

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8. This Guy was Elaine’s Boyfriend???

You know the guy from those catchy National Car Rental commercials? He was also in the movie Ted working at a car dealership. Can’t remember? Well, his name is Patrick Warburton and he was one of Elaine’s serious love interests named David Puddy. In Seinfeld, Warburton’s character takes a job as a….you guessed it….car salesman!!!!

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9. Kramer was supposed to drop popcorn instead of a Junior Mint

Seinfeld’s director, David Ackerman, originally thought that Kramer should be munching on some popcorn while watching the surgery. Instead, he thought that Junior Mints were “just funnier.” We happen to agree. But we’re still waiting to try Junior’s father, Senior Mint.

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10. Larry David immediately regretted leaving the show after it’s seventh season

Seinfeld’s creator and writer left the show to write a movie script, but immediately regretted it once they started filming the next season without him.

In a documentary about how the show started he said, “What did you do you stupid idiot? How could you have left that show to sit here by yourself? Then I got very depressed that night.” He did get to return as the voice of George Steinbrenner, the owner of the New York Yankees.

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11. Jerry Seinfeld got fired from his first sitcom

Seinfeld had a small role on the sitcom Benson, where he played a mail delivery boy with a failing comedy routine named Frankie. He only found out he got fired when they didn’t give him a script at an episode reading. But thank goodness he got fired. I couldn’t imagine a life without Seinfeld.

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12. Kramer never let himself break character during a scene

The actor who portrays Cosmo Kramer, Michael Richards, was known for never breaking character, even while the rest of the cast was cracking up around him. That’s some dedicated acting.

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I would have been more like….

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13. Larry David got $25,000 to write the pilot

Larry David was broke and living in New York when Jerry Seinfeld approached him to write the script for what would become one of the biggest TV shows ever. David said he agreed to do it because he had nothing better to do at the time. Well played, Larry.

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14. The Seinfeld series finale had 76.3 million viewers

What??? That’s almost the ENTIRE POPULATION OF GERMANY!!! Sitting down. Watching one show.

CraveTV dance dancing party seinfeld
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15. In the final season Jerry Seinfeld made about $13,000 for each line

Along with being one of the most likeable shows of all-time, Seinfeld also made a ridiculous amount of money. Jerry is now worth an estimated $820 million dollars. That was my reaction too, Jerry.

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 What’s your favourite Seinfeld moment?

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